Farmers Market Friday

Friday rolled around, and having spent much of the last two days in bed with a cold, I was craving some fresh air and good old Vit D. OH was off work so we headed out to Education City to visit Torba Market. Having visited the market before, towards the end of 2017, we were excited to see there were some new stalls to explore!

The market is held at the “Ceremonial Court” within Education City. It’s fairly easy to find – once you enter Education City through Gate 2, there are signs directing you towards the market. The market takes place on Thursdays and Fridays, so it’s a perfect weekend outing during the winter for those wanting to escape the Malls, and get outside for a bit.


We did a lap of the market to see what was on offer. There was a number of stalls selling organic fresh produce – not a huge variety, but nonetheless nice to support local farmers and have the option to buy organic. Also on offer were a number of artisan products such as jams and honey, all from passionate producers and vendors. Walking around we were offered various samples, a nice appetiser before some afternoon tea!


Torba Market has a number of vendors selling take away food, to be enjoyed there and then, at the various picnic benches in the centre of the market. I was very tempted by the stand selling vegan crepes, however I didn’t have much of an appetite so settled on a delicious Chilli Lemonade from “Mama Lulu’s”. OH also sampled some of the famous “Pie Ladies” fare – safe to say it seemed to go down well.


We sat basking in the afternoon sun enjoying our treats, and people watching – was definitely worth leaving home for and I’d highly recommend it! On the way out we picked up some fresh veggies, perfect for the Thai Green Curry I’m planning to make this week.



Torba Market is held on Fridays [8.30am- 10.30 am & 2pm-5pm].



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